Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bringing Christmas - One At A Time

Would you like to knit something small, that would be of GREAT help?

My dearest friend, Marion, and her husband Ken have been ministering and to the homeless on Los Angeles' Skid Row for about four years now. At first, it was just Ken, going down once a week with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they had made at home, handing them out, and preaching the gospel to anyone who wanted to listen.

Their ministry has lead to One At A Time Ministries, a storefront church in the Ford Hotel in the middle of the most desperate part of the city, where they hold services every Sunday, and Bible studies during the week.

Skid Row in Los Angeles is the epitome of homeless life in America. It is a dangerous place, filled with drugs, gangs, prostitution, and crime... yet the Lord has placed an enormous desire in Ken's heart to reach out to those who are the most lost... It has been his calling to bring the homeless of LA the gospel, the only truth that can give them hope of escaping the lives they are currently living. Men, women, and children, who cannot see any way out, any way to change, any way to better themselves, or the lives of their children. Ken and Marion are desperate to show them The Way.

Every week at my own Bible studies Marion gives us updates, and tells us what is happening in the lives of some we have come to know, and I have been feeling a desire for quite some time to help. It came to me the other day, that I can knit - I know lots of people who can knit.

I talked to Marion about my idea, of knitting small items that they could bring down and give away at Christmas. Maybe the only gift they receive this year. She was very excited and thought it was a great idea. She said one of the biggest obstacles for these men and women is that they don't believe God can love them.... they don't believe anyone can love them.

Receiving a gift of something new, knit just for them, would show love. It would be little, but it would be something.

Hats would be especially needed, but any small knitted items - gloves, wrist warmers, scarves, socks, etc, would be appreciated. Items are needed for men and women, even children. All ages, all sizes.

If you would like to knit something, please send your knitted gift directly to Ken and Marion at:

One At A Time Ministries
c/0 Ken Holladay
1007 Village Square
Fillmore, CA 93015

If you'd like to help even more, please put a link on your blog, or give it a mention.THANK YOU!